Friday, February 10, 2006

Where are Radical Islam’s apologists now?

The left excuses radical Islam for its campaign of terror against the West as “responding to American imperialism.” They excuse the plights of the Palestinian terror campaign (against school children on buses) in Israel, the Muslim rioters in France, the Iraqi “insurgents,” the Taliban remnants in Afghanistan and the latest Middle Eastern nation (Iran) to seek ultimate destruction of everything Western. Whether it is massacring Coalition troops or Israeli school children, the left gives radical Islam a free pass. From the Age (via the SMH): “Their community is besieged by hostility and suspicion, which helps explain why they want to make their hurt felt [through terror]…”

“What do you expect?” “The Americans have it coming!” “Of course we’ll be next!” These cries you hear all the time. Walk around a university campus and you’ll find it easier to get directions to a hate mongering Socialist Alliance meeting then you will the library or the Uni bar. There are signs on campus now advertising seminars on “Why the Australian flag is racist” and “Let Iran pursue its Nukes!” Wait a minute? I thought the left was against nuclear bombs? I guess that’s only true if they’re not being used to attack the United “Great Satan” States.

When the “race riots” were rampaging through Cronulla, the liberal media had a field day. It was as if all their Jesus free Christmases had come at once. (Read the Age’s “An Insular Peninsular” from December 17. In a highly representative account of the “whites” in Cronulla with their “phony patriotism,” the Age quotes a 62 year old local, and his conspiracy theories of Lakemba’s al-Qaeda links, after mentioning a local “Lebanese Muslim family from Lakemba arrived in a van with plates of food, baklava and assorted Middle Eastern treats, for police.) (Also, I have to include this gem of a NY Times headline: Australian mobs attack believed to be of Arab descent.” I wonder after such a PC headline if there was any room left for the text of the article?!)

But the left have been pretty quiet regarding the cartoon induce riots in Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. It has also been pretty quiet about the torching of several embassies, and the growing number of deaths that have resulted. Where are the apologists now? Where are the “poor oppressed Islam” journo’s defending everything Islamic? Come on Tony Jones, show your true colours!

The left’s response to the shameful acts by these protestors is to stay quiet and keep low. They are thanking their stars that RU486 is being debated on the hill, otherwise someone might notice their lack of opinion about the “cartoon intifada.” Look at the SMH and Age columnists who have kept their head down over this. Julia Baird, Alan Ramsey, Shaun Carey and Michelle Gratton wrote op-ed pieces either the day after, or the subsequent week that followed the Cronulla riots. But none of these authors have any opinion to offer when the tables are reversed? They wouldn’t have to even go to too much effort, just replace white with Arab, Lebanese with white and Cronulla with everywhere.

Maybe recent events are too much for even left to stomach? While Bankstown Sheik’s comments that rape victims “have no one to blame but themselves” for wearing strapless tops and tight jeans weren’t enough, maybe this latest batch of thuggery is.

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Gerard/Jarrod said...

I don't know whats scarier Timbo, the fact that there is a store, where I can spend my hard earned communist dollars on a "Merge Right" g-string, or that I actually agree with the whole cartoon issue.

Scares the hell outta me.