Sunday, March 25, 2007


Cafepress kicked the shirts off for a bad taste violation. they didn't last 24hrs.

they said:

We recently learned that your account contains material which may not be in compliance with our policies. Specifically, we prohibit the display or sale of products which depict the use of "hard core" drugs, content which my (sic) infringe the rights of a third party including copyrights and trademarks, and material which is generally offensive or in bad taste.

Accordingly, we have set the content that we believe to be questionable to "pending status" which disables said content from being displayed in your shop or purchased by the public.

so now i'm trying zazzle - it feels so wigger, but they have a politics 9/11 section, and you can make the shirts R-rated, so i'm guessing that they might have a better chance.

so check out

Hanghicks and don’t forget david before the left wing good taste police take them down.

no wonder these idiots back the imams against the west.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

hicks lovers

Tired of all those sanctimonous david hicks lovers? I am – so I went and created a few products at cafepress. Check out and

Perfect with under your Brooks Brothers Blazer, with your Gucci loafers and Diesel jeans.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Face west towards Wall St and pray to Gittens

I don't mean to harp on just about Gittens- but I mean its like he wants the abuse. If he didn't try and pass himself off as an economist (or should that be a Gittonomist?) then I wouldn't get my back up so much.

Gittens tries to defend the arrogance of titling his new book "Gittinomics" claiming he is a demigod overlord of the economy (phew! I'd hate to have misinterpreted renaming a science after yourself as arrogant). But then backs it up with:
Most of the things capitalism has to offer us are good - provided we don't overdo them. Trouble is, the system is usually pressing us to overdo them.
As the overlord sees it- the problem with the capitalist system is that we don't behave how he would like us to. We anger the great Gittens with our selfish optimising.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gambling on Rudd

The Sydney Kings won three of four championships and the Wollongong Hawks didn't make the top eight this year. Consequently I don't really gamble any more. I can't afford it. If I had a clue about what I was doing then maybe I would.
Punter on the other hand has no real job and lives a lifestyle of debauchury only his gambling habbit can afford him to do so.
Common sense has seemingly evaporated from political thought in this country and one cannot help but feel just a little sad. Then one realizes the magnificent opportunity for financial gain and most of the sadness dissipates like a Berocca hitting a glass of water on a seedy Sunday morning. For some reason, known only to the bookmakers themselves, the Australian Labor Party are favourites to win the next federal election.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The lights are on, but only Gittins is home

On Turnball's plan to phase out incandescent light bulbs:
Talk about high-handed intervention in a free market by the nanny state... Why the direct resort to command-and-control? ...why not apply the polluter-pays principle?
I was with you Ross, right up until you said:
Yes, I am kidding. ...Once you understand how far we mere mortals depart from the assumption of rationality, it's easier to see the justification for government interventions intended to counter this whole new form of "market failure" and save us from ourselves.
(I think this is also the first time I think I've heard Ross admit to being one of us mere mortals).

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Salvation from carbon trading?

Alex Robson (who has a new weekly opinion spot in the Telly) has turned me right off carbon trading:

A carbon trading scheme will be similar to a tax on carbon emissions, except the size of the tax will be determined by the market and the government will receive no tax revenue.

Unless, of course, the states decide to charge stamp duty and the Commonwealth decides to levy capital gains tax on the sale of permits, just as they do on other assets. Then all levels of government will enjoy a massive revenue windfall.

Thats not to say I'm necessarily now bullish on Pigouvian tax either:

Politicians have announced that Australia's greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced or eliminated completely... Never mind that this will not change global temperatures by even a fraction of a degree.